Mens Matters Members Feedback


“I had such a wonderful and happy day today (at Cooking activity) and enjoyed the food so much I do not feel any need to cook a meal for this evening.”


“I believe the work put into putting Men’s Matters together is a very good way of trying to bring men together to interact as a group and give them a purpose in life. It is helping me to pick up my life and do something constructive and meet new people which without the group would not have happened.”


“Setting-up this Men’s Matters group in Windsor is brilliant. I’ve heard it said that men have to resolve three areas of suffering; loneliness, compulsive competition and emotional timidity.  The Men’s Matters sessions help us address these issues while focusing on activities such as cooking and painting.”


“Speaking honestly, before becoming involved in men’s groups I was apprehensive of other guys and often found it difficult to strike up great relationships. But by coming to Men’s Matters I’ve been able to totally transform my attitude and feel comfortable around other men and can more easily develop lasting friendships.”


“The benefits of Men’s Matters are incalculable because helping just one man to change and grow affects not just that individual man but also has a positive impact on all his other relationships, including the women and children in his environment. I thoroughly enjoy mixing with the group of men attending Men’s Matters which I know has a positive impact on my health and well-being.”


“I lost my wife and was very lonely and the doctor said I was suffering from depression because of this. Coming to the group has made me happy because I have made new friends who are very supportive and understand how I am feeling. I enjoy the activities we do and am also learning how to use a laptop for the first time.”


“Due to health reasons I spend most of my time in the house and I live alone, although I have family and friends I can visit, I often chose to stay at home reading or watching TV. Men’s Matters is a good way of recognising and combating the isolation of men over 50 who are in retirement or at home for other reasons and may be lonely.”



Men's Matters won the Team of the Year Award at the RBWM Voluntary Sector Awards in September 2017

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