About Men's Matters

Our History

Men’s Matters was set-up to address the emerging crisis for older men of social isolation, loneliness, poor health and depression. The population of older men is growing faster than that of women with 20% of the elderly in the UK show early signs of depression.  A recent Age Concern Study showed that Windsor in particular was an area of ‘high risk’ for loneliness in older people. 


Men’s Matters grew out of a Radian Housing Association initiative in 2015 to offer support for older male residents who may be experiencing loneliness.


In September 2016 a group of men formed the Men’s Matters group, expanding the reach beyond Radian to all men in the Greater Windsor area, and launched it at a barbecue in Windsor.


A year on, Men’s Matters became a registered charity in May 2017.

Promote Friendship

Mens Matters aims to provide opportunities for older men in East Berkshire to meet socially and get involved in their local communities with a focus on taking part in a variety of shared physical and recreational activities.  For example learning new skills such as getting to grips with computing or passing on their experience and skills to others through workshops or hands on demonstrations.  By getting involved it is hoped to reduce loneliness and social exclusion and at the sametime be of benefit to the wider community. 

Promote Wellbeing & Health

It is well known that staying active as we age helps maintain our physical health and mental wellbeing especially after retirement, or during periods of enforced inactivity through for example unemployment or poor health.  It is important to replace what was often a lifetimes focus on 'work' with a  new focus on hobbies, interests, skills and projects.  It is likely that many of us have built up experiences and skills that we can share and teach to others and perhaps apply in new ways to benefit the younger generation and our local communities. Mens Matters hope to tap into this latent potential to the benefit of members and our communities.

Men's Matters Committee

Comprises - Malcolm Lock, Stephen Taylor, Tim Walker, John Young, Ken Bedford, Bruce Henderson, Patrick Manning and Paul Samuels Tim Walker, Chair of the Board of Trustees says   'Men's Matters is a self-help group run by men for older men who may benefit from the positivity of social contact and enjoy taking part in shared activities."


Men's Matters won the Team of the Year Award at the RBWM Voluntary Sector Awards in September 2017

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